Sunday, August 21, 2011

JC Awakening 2011: Banning Liebscher Part 2

Here are some more tidbits from Banning Liebscher's message at the Jesus Culture awakening conference in the beginning of August 2011.

We have all been called to be different than the world. On this topic of our calling, and how we are all called to something, Banning quoted the story of the King inviting people to his wedding celebration, and how the esteemed had excuses and didn't come, so the King invited anyone his servants could find along the highway, "both good and bad." Banning continued with Matt. 22:14, saying "'Many are called, but few are chosen' because few say YES."

"Jesus makes it easy to leave and hard to stay." Banning stated that, "It is the most hardcore thing in the world to follow Jesus...When He calls you, he is asking for your entire life." Jesus doesn't make it easy. In fact, in John 6 it recounts when He stated that to be apart of what He had you would have to eat his own blood and flesh, and many were offended and left him. But the worth is incredible.

Count the Cost. In Luke 14 we are told through a parable to count the cost of following Christ before we embark. "Salvation is a free gift," Banning reminded us, "but salvation will also cost you your entire life."

He laughed, and then told us that he is sympathetic for those who genuinely have a difficult time giving their tithe of 10% of their finances to their local churches, because God does not want 10% of your finances, He wants not only 100% of your finances, but 100% of your life. He also humbled me, and probably many others in the room, when he acted out our thoughts of debating back and forth with God. "Well, God, are you sure you want me to give that up completely? I mean, it's really only worth this, right?" and continued with the usual auction-style dialogue. "No," Banning said. When God asks or commands something of us we must remember: "God does not barter."

Things that don't cost anything aren't worth anything (2 Samuel 24:24). With the full weight of seriousness, he said, "I am concerned about a generation who's salvation costs them nothing."

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~Kathie said...

Regarding bartering, check out Genesis 18:20-33. This was not bargaining to keep a little sin in his life, though, but intercession for the lives of innocent people, should any be found.

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