Sunday, August 7, 2011

JC Awakening 2011: Banning Liebscher Part 1

Banning Liebscher spoke during the afternoon session (following Kim Walker-Smith) the first day of the Jesus Culture Awakening 2011 Conference. His message centered on leadership and our callings, and was, to be expected, packed full of challenges and truth.

His message conveyed that when we were saved, we became the head, not the tail, meaning we are all meant to be leaders in some way or another. He challenged everyone present in Allstate Arena in Chicago to remember that what happens in America is dependent on our leadership.

Banning said a problem he has seen is that many of us would be content to simply sit back and believe that we will not be a part of anything, say, a revival, and that we think it is acceptable to just "be along for the ride" with Christ.

Wow. Talk about a slap in the face. I can, unfortunately, say that the majority of my days I have settled for just going through the motions and routines without actually diving into any pursuit of fulfilling my calling or being a leader. I so often think, "Oh, that day will come...but for now I can't do much." Lately I definitely think about it often, and plan a lot, but so little of the time do I actually take action into real pursuit of the calling God has for me.

But I want to be different. I want to actually pursue God every moment, and that choice has to be made every day. I need to take ownership of my identity as a "co-laborer" in Christ and actually WORK more for His kingdom!

So, how about you?


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