Friday, June 3, 2011

Reflections on WorshipArts

It is amazing to think we have completed our fifth semester of WorshipArts. I remember when we started with just 5 students and one worship team; now we have 27 students, two worship teams, a drama team, a Beginnings team, and one photography student. Last Saturday we had our Friends and Family Worship Night and the culmination of their hundreds of hours of practice was so rewarding.
It was incredible to start the night off with a group of 8 to 12-year-olds strumming and singing away as Peter stood on the side and played along with them. One of my friends came up to me afterwards and pointed out that it was a beautiful picture of God the Father's love for us--sometimes we get off tempo and sing out of key, but He just keeps smiling at us, playing along, delighted that we are worshiping with all our hearts!

In between everything as the night went on our drama team performed 4 skits from the OneTimeBlind drama scripts, and they blew us away with simple, funny, and truth-saturated skits. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I think The Stool would be it because it really illustrates the fact that giving God control is important and not as easy as we say it is. Plus our students did a fabulous job! I also enjoyed the monoluge by "The Devil" about our memories and how shocking it is we remember TV commercial jingles and nursery rhymes, but we don't know scripture. They also performed an incredible human video (read this wiki article if you don't know what that is) that shared God's redemption for us all in a powerful, impacting, and relevant way. I will definitely share the video here when it's up!

Our team Horizon did a great job leading everyone in worship and it was phenomenal to see new and returning students go to the next level in not just their skill, but also in their passion for Christ. Finally, Genesis, our student ministry team which has traveled to multiple youth groups and bible studies this year, ended us off with an intimate and passionate time of worship. I've been privileged to see these students from day one, and I must say that the word for this team is passion--their passion for excellent music and their passion for Christ has skyrocketed!

It is a blessing, privilege and honor to be the wife of the man God has called to lead this ministry experience training program for youth. Next semester we are expanding to teaching a full photography track, video production track, and message track (writing) all with the purpose of training youth to use their gifts to get plugged in with their local churches.

(Technically though the semester is done, we are preparing for the WorshipArts festival and Horizon and Genesis are playing, as well as the drama group will share their performances. Check out the facebook event!)

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