Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Emily Time

I met with Emily at Panera to write blog posts.

We've talked the whole time.

Topics have included: small government vs. big government, Glenn Beck, Grover Cleveland, Pixar, Doctor Who, Where's George? Dollars, Vlogbrothers, ozone levels, dress codes, panera food, medicines, vlogging, old blogs and when we started blogging.

Now I believe we're going to make a vlog. (It's awkward writing while you're being videotaped.)

How's your day going?


Kiersten said...

Majorly odd picture of Emily, haha. <3

Emily said...

daw, photos not working for my computer D=

Anne said...

LOL! If you're going to be unproductive when you're supposed to be blogging, that sounds like a great way to do it! :)

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