Tuesday, May 10, 2011

UAOAL Update


Updated 8/7/11

Today, due to lack of time and motivation, I've decided to bless you all with an update on my Ultimate Accomplishment of Awesome List. (The goal is to get all of this done before next January!)

I have (roughly) 21/36 completed, so that is about 58%! I'd say I'm doing pretty good!

My List:
  1. Get Anna K. (or her photo style) pictures taken of Peter and I Done! (though if Anna reads this and wants to take pictures of us, she's VERY welcome to do so) =)
  2. Make a vlog and have at least 12 videos by next January 2/12 Done!
  3. Get our office functioning and cleaned Done!....and now it needs to be done again!
  4. Send someone an anonymous prayer/prophetic word
  5. Own three more Munchkin games/expansion packs 1/3 Done!
  6. Thy three main dish recipes I've never cooked before 3/3 Done! 5/3/11
  7. Be recorded singing a worship song
  8. Go to IHOP or Bethel (EDIT: Going to see Jesus Culture, Hillsong, Bill Johnson etc. is probably going to count for this in August!) Done! (Jesus Culture Awakening 2011)
  9. Leave someone an obnoxiously large tip Done! on 5/11
  10. Write 20 blog posts (at least) 22/20 Done!
  11. Get coffee with my girl friends more (ideally at least 3 different girls a month) Begun!
  12. Memorize 10 verses (key, important, powerful ones, not cheesy easy ones) Begun!
  13. Play catchphrase with at least 8 people
  14. Prank someone
  15. Play bass more Begun!
  16. See a good live orchestra perform
  17. Look amazing and go to a nice restaurant
  18. Hold a baby Done!
  19. Visit my friends at IWU
  20. Visit my friends at Ferris
  21. Finish reading a fiction book I've never read before Done!
  22. Finish reading the Bible Begun!
  23. Make something at Art Bayou Done on 1/15!
  24. Make a quilt
  25. Be in a crazy picture Done!
  26. Work out 105 days this year (beginning end of December '10) Begun! 1/21: 44 Days completed!
  27. Work out 210 days this year
  28. Bless my neighbors
  29. Make 4 videos for work
  30. Save a lot of money Begun!
  31. See at least 4 live theater productions 2/4 Done! (Annie Get Your Gun, The Importance of Being Ernest)
  32. Catch up with someone I haven't talked to in a long time
  33. Do something amazing with Emily
  34. Give someone something I've wanted to for a long time
  35. Encourage someone Done!
  36. Get better at cutting hair Begun! 4 hair cuts done this year!

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