Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm a Nerdy Spender

Have you heard of Dave Ramsey?

If not, he's this guy who got rich through hard work and a bit of luck young, then got deep into debt and went back to square one, and learned how to build wealth without any debt. Now he teaches people how to have "Financial Peace" and build wealth for themselves, without debt.

Peter has been aware of Dave Ramsey's methods since he was a teenager, and respects Dave Ramsey very much. So he has been determined to do life without debt of any sort. I praise God that I can say that both Peter and I have never been in debt!

So this past week, we got a hold of the Financial Peace University DVDs and have just begun watching the sessions, because I've never seen them. All along I've been supportive of this plan, and had thought I understood the basics, but watching the series together has been so good!

One of the things Dave talks about is how usually in a marriage, someone is a spender, and someone is a saver. Well it didn't take us long at all to determine Peter is the saver--he is always talking about saving up for big things for the business and the big giveaway that he is the saver is that he is NOT a spender; he'd much rather chill or get something small than go out and spend money. While I on the other  hand, could be happy spending (and giving away) money every day all day long!

Dave also classifies spouses as usually fitting into two other categories: one is the "Nerd" and one is the "Free Spirit." The Nerd comes up with the budget, because they are the number-person, and the Free Spirit then gets to edit it, because they need to be involved and a part of the process, but asking them to crunch numbers and plan details is like asking an acrylic artist to build a plane.

Because of the extreme way they were presented to me, Peter and I figured he was the Nerd (it also seemed like the manly, in charge of the house role) and I was the Free Spirit. However, now that we've been married for 10 months, gone through multiple attempts at budgeting, and watched Dave Ramsey explain the roles, we've realized I'm definitely about 3/4 Nerd, and Peter is definitely only about 1/4 Nerd, meaning that makes me the Nerd of the house. (Also--I love making spreadsheets. This should have been a major clue early on.)

So this week I've written up a budget, and we are going to go with it this month. Besides dealing with a few fears that tried to rear their ugly heads, the crazy thing is I actually liked writing it up! I really hope we can stick with it, because once we get our money in order, we'll be on the road to retiring as millionaires (wildly enough, that might not be an exaggeration!).

The awesome thing is that our income is at a place where we can start saving a little and still afford to go out to eat and spend money on dates. (Hehheh--that's what happens when the Spender is a Nerd!)

So, any thoughts on money managing you'd like to share?


Mrs. Lukie said...

We love Dave Ramsey! Unfortunately, we both came into our marriage with quite a bit of debt each, but using the TMMO plan, were able to pay it off within 1 year.

I'm the "Free Spirit" and my hubby is the "Nerd." It took us a good 3 or 4 months to get our budget down correctly & be able to stick to it (without forgetting an expense here or there), but now we're old pros at it and it's so fun to see each month how we did :)

dilaw said...

Yeah, I'm the money nerd in our family too. I think it's so awesome you guys are figuring it out so early on... It's never too early!

Anne said...

I heart Dave Ramsey! That 'envelope system' is awesome! :)

Tami said...

I am more like Pete! Could have told you he never spends YEARS AGO! He saves everything! (Not just $$$) (tee hee!) You both will be super blessed as you continue to live without debt and sow into the Kingdom of God!!!! <3

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