Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday Afternoon - 750 Words

Plopped down on our checkered couch, my husband and I smile at one another.

The day has gone well so far, despite the potentially dismal circumstances. We just returned home from our little brother Aiden's funeral. God's presence, hope and joy are continually near everything relating to Aiden, and He was incredibly evident through every moment of the service.

A few days earlier, Peter was teaching at WorshipArts, and I had decided to stay home and have some alone time. I had been in a bit of shock, trying to grasp the whys of my little brother's nearly life-long sickness and young death.  But God met me that night, and opened my eyes to His overwhelming hope and truth through writing it all out. (You can read it here, if you're interested.)

That evening, God pulled out my writing abilities from deep within and reminded me of the gift he had given me in the days to follow that posting.  I have had probably close to fifty different people come up to me and share that what I wrote impacted them and drew them into the moment and the revelation of God's perspective on Aiden's life.

So Hubs and I, sitting on our first-apartment-craigslist-find couches and resting after hours of talking and being on our feet after the funeral, take a moment to talk it over.

Peter agrees with the general consensus that I need to write, a lot more. So before we settled in to watch some of the third season of 24, he pulls up a pretty awesome website.

It's, and it is a simple site designed a few years ago to encourage people to write everyday. The inspiration came from a book called The Artist's Way, which has one exercise that encourages everyone to write three pages every morning. The idea is to just write whatever comes to your mind, to write out your stream-of-consciousness. As Peter and I explored the site, we saw that the site gathers stats about what you write, and there are scores and badges to motivate you to keep up with it. Peter, being the awesome husband that he is, signed up to do a challenge with me to write every day in April. If we accomplish this, we decided that we could buy a Munchkin Expansion pack. And whoever misses a day become responsible for doing the dishes for a month. (Which is quite the motivation!)

After we explored, we settled in to watch Jack Bauer save the world. I must say, it was a pretty great afternoon.

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Kiersten said...

Ahh! This site is so cool! I've been trying hard to write every day, but although I love writing longhand, I often don't have the time/willpower/energy to do it every day outside of school, & I also object to using up paper on what will probably turn out to be useless rambles. And word processing documents REALLY stack up fast. So thanks for introducing me to that site, haha. I am enamored.

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