Monday, March 21, 2011

Core Lies, Ungodly Beliefs, One Big God

I love how big God is!

I love when God lets me see the current of His truth moving in different streams of the Church.

My church just finished a two-week series on Emotional Freedom (You can listen here if you want--just search "Emotional Freedom" in the player).  The main theme is that at some point in your life, just about everyone believes a lie and makes it a part of their identity. Usually this results from an experience or series of experiences in their life.

These lies can be anything that doesn't line up with the new identity Christ has given us. Before Christ, we may have been any of this, but now that we are saved, we need to live as whole, complete, saved people--living in His redemptive power. Some of the lies that can sneak in and limit us from this are:

I am ugly
I can't do a good job
I am unlovable (No one loves me)
I am alone
I will never succeed
I have no purpose
I am stupid
I am broken
I am worthless
I am not worthy
I am dirty
I am untrustworthy

As a response to believing these lies (none of which line up with scripture as redeemed children of God) we become afraid of being "found out" by others or staying this way forever, so we turn to controlling our situations to be "safe" and often that control creates a cycle that reinforces the belief.

For example, in my life, I've always wanted to be the best and do everything perfectly. If I do not achieve my ideal of perfection, then I feel like a failure. This is the lie that I struggle with believing the most: "I am a failure." It is amazing how deep this lie goes, and how easily the enemy uses me and encourages me to be manipulative based on this fear. But over the past many months God has been peeling the layers of this onion of a lie back and and am slowly fearing less and believing the truth that "I am successful" and "I am good at doing things" instead--that is the truth of who God made me to be! When I walk in my true identity, I am 100% more effective at serving Christ and sharing His attributes wherever I go.

coreliesMy family and my church were exposed to this concept of ungodly beliefs, or believing lies that effect your identity and actions, since I was quite small--I don't remember life before I knew about these concepts. I was taught them early in youth group. Our source was Restoring the Foundations, a ministry started by Chester and Betsy Kylstra in 1992 (

The fantastic thing is just today, one of my dear friends, Anne, posted that she is reading a book called "Core Lies." A quick skim through the e-book and I can see that this is exactly the same truth coming from a completely different source!! Anne and I go to different churches in different streams, and I don't know that she's ever heard me talk about this concept... And looking at the author, it looks like they have never even heard of the Kylstras. But God is so big, and He reveals His spirit and His truth EVERYWHERE.

I love it!
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Anne said...

So cool! Love you, dear!

Vic said...

This is awesome! It's so amazing to see when God works in similar ways across the body of Christ!

Shelby said...

Thanks for the words, this is great Tori!

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