Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This morning, I had trouble getting up when the alarm went off. In fact, I think I hit snooze about 3 or 4 times... After dragging myself begrudgingly out of bed, I plopped down into my chair to read the Bible and pray. This usually takes about 30 or so minutes...and I had hoped to get to work in about 25 minutes from that time. (insert sigh here) Peter helped cut my prep time down by making me eggs for breakfast (best husband EVER), and we left to drop me off at work. Thankfully I have the freedom of a flex-time work schedule, so it doesn't hurt anyone but my schedule if I get there a little later than I intended.

I had two meetings this morning which went very well, and filled up a whole sheet of paper with things I need to do. Never an empty moment here! Over lunch Peter and I went to vote. It was pretty depressing that halfway through the day I was the only 195th in my precinct to vote. Hopefully that went up considerably after about 5 PM. I went back to work until about 3, when Peter picked me up and we home in this delightfully sunny (yet too chilly for my comfort) weather. We tried to squeeze in an episode of The Office before Peter had to be back at the church at 4 for teaching WorshipArts, but our internet and netflix decided they didn't want to cooperate and we only got 10 minutes into an episode. Back to church we went, and he set up for WorshipArts, I helped him sound check and even sang with the group for a while, and then off I went to whip up some chicken and cheese quesadillas at home. 

I prettied up a little bit and then back to church (so great that our apartment is less than 2 miles away!) I went to drop off Pete's dinner on my way out to the KAT drama performance. Lewis, my nine-year-old brother, was the lead in his skit and he did phenomenal! I can't wait to see him step out in the full-length productions in the coming years! My brothers-in-law, both 7 years old, I believe, were also in a skit and were quite adorable. Then the oldest drama group performed "The Fish Story" which Peter and I acted in in high school! I had no idea they were doing that show, so it was great to relive our memories and try to remember which of my friends played which roles. 

Now I'm back at the church and writing my second, non-fiction, probably not that inspiring post for NaBloPoMo. A packed day can often lead to a worn out mind.

Hopefully a more intellectual, better crafted edition of Tori's Thoughts coming tomorrow! Thanks for reading!

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Emily said...

I'm super disappointed in you.
So much for NaBloPoMo, eh?!

Tori said...

Yeah I know. Fail. I am just too busy...it's pretty sad. Maybe I'll do it in January or something.

thestover said...

"not inspiring"? Bologna. I liked reading about your day. I demand another blog post! No I don't. I wish I could demand, but it's not characteristic of my personality. I request another blog post!

Vic said...

Wow! what a busy day... :] Keeping on your toes! I love that you really stick to keeping that time with God in the morning.

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