Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Peter and I love playing games! Board games, card games, party games, strategy games and even Internet games are all up our alley. It's been great to spend so much quality time together over games and having friends over to play games is great fun! We actually keep a scoreboard on the white board in our kitchen of wins for us and anyone who plays with us. It's been a lot of fun! I thought it'd be fun to take a look at some of our favorites, in no particular order: 

Dutch Blitz
We love this fast paced card game! It's pretty simple and completely addicting. You stack up by color and number in the center, have three columns you can build down in like solitaire, and a stack you have to empty (by placing in the middle or your three columns) to win! Normally with just two players it can be very slow, but Peter and each take two colors (so enough cards for four players) and it works really well.  

Bananagrams is what happens when you combine a word scramble and scrabble. You start with a handful of letters and the first to use every letter to make connecting words says "peel" and everyone takes another letter tile until they are all gone. The person to use every letter in their pile first wins! You can rearrange every word if you want in order to get them all to fit. It's fun to see what spills out of peoples minds--and the random words people get excited about being able to spell. One of my favorites was when "gorilla" and "zoo" crossed. =)
Settlers of Catan

Settlers is a strategy game where you collect resources to expand your colonies and many actions give you victory points. I didn't like this game when I was younger, but Peter has always liked it and so I gave it a try again after we got married. Turns out I love playing it--especially 2 player! It was interesting to discover, however, that my winning two-player strategy did not work with more than 2 players...

Dicecapades! and Catch Phrase are some other favorites, and we are hoping to purchase a very fun and interesting strategy card game, Dominion, soon!

What games do you enjoy?

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