Monday, August 23, 2010

Memory Book

On our honeymoon in South Haven, we stumbled upon this collection of books in MacDonald's Drug Store along the main street:

These are from the Write It Down! Journals series, and they are pretty amazing for keeping track of whatever you might want! I found out that there are 63 titles (thanks to Desperately Seeking Deals, also previous picture source), with topics ranging from vacations, pets, dieting, and devotions, to name a few!

The journal that Peter got me is called "Memories: Our Family Journal."
I really like the format: On one side of the page is a spot for who is writing the entry and the date, and then the rest of that side of the page is divided between these 6 prompts: "News/Weather/Happenings & Events:", "Today I/We:", "Good things that happened to me/us today:", "I/we are looking forward to (Plans):", "My/Our concerns are:", and "Special thoughts, favorite moments, ideas:". At first I was using them a lot, and now I just write and use them as a suggestion. The back of the page has just this prompt, "Family Notes:" so it is just a page for writing whatever you want. 

The amazing thing is that Peter and I have worked together (him reminding me and giving me the awesome incentive of new pens for being consistent with it) and I have written at least a sentence every time I've written in what we call our "Memory Book"! To my credit, I only wrote less than a paragraph when I had gotten behind and was catching up on 3 or more days in one setting. I write about what we do, where we went, who we saw, and sometimes the weather and what we eat--mostly just "details" of the day, rather than my moods, thoughts, or opinions (those mostly end up here as blog posts I suppose!). I am proud to say that as of yesterday I have written for every day since our wedding! 

I'm hoping that eventually I can turn some of our more eventful days into blog posts so you can get more of a glimpse into my life, especially now that I will be able to flip through the pages and easily remember our adventures!

Do you keep a journal? If so, what kind of journal is it?

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Emily said...

Very cute journals... and no I don't keep a journal other than an online blog. I should though.... its more personal when actually "written" down on paper.

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