Thursday, May 27, 2010

Taking Care Of Business, Remember 5/27/01

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have successfully gotten things done this week! 
  • The food is nearly figured out--after talking with caterers and such, Gordon Food Service is saving the day and shall be selling us food at the lovely price of about $2.11 per guest! Fabulous. 
  • The Tuxedos have been reserved, and our men need to go get fitted asap. 
  • The decorations for the ceremony are going to begin to be assembled tomorrow. 
  • I have about half of the Thank You notes from the last two showers written. 
  • Peter is working on getting lights for the decorations.
  • We are making a plan for tackling flowers.

And as of yesterday, it is one month till the wedding!

I wanted to take a moment and highlight today--May 27th. Nine years ago today, I met Peter Webb. He was 10, and I was 11, and we were at church. It was after the service and us kids were waiting for our parents to pick us up from Children's ministry. While we waited they had games set up, and I was kicking butt in Connect Four. Peter played me, and I beat him, then I had to go. I don't really remember it well, but Peter does, and he says at that moment he fell head over heels for me. <3 

And now, in just 30 days, I will marry this marvelous man who has pursued me for nine years. <3

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