Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 9: Wedding Dream Day

Day 9: Show me your wedding photos and tell me about your day/ if your not married tell me what your dream wedding would be like!

How sad that I got too busy at the time of this post!! My dream wedding is going to happen on June 26th, 2010! I've found that picking just a few things I really want to happen a certain way, and then being really flexible and willing to compromise on everything else has been a good plan. My three important non-negotiable things are my dress, having as many of my friends as possible there, and of course, the man I'm marrying! I can't describe my dress because my fiance reads my blog and it's going to be a surprise for him. As to the guests--lets just say if every single person came (which I already know many can't...) we'd have 637 people there. 

Yes, I did say 637. 

But as of right now, 168 have RSVPed, and I'm expecting about 200-350 to attend. Peter and I both love people and can't wait to party with everyone! The number attending means we could not afford a dinner reception, so we are going to do desserts. I can't wait!

On to write blog #10--lets see if I can get caught up today!

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JanMary said...

Looking forward to reading about your wedding - enjoy the day!

My post is up.

UKZoe said...

I like the idea of a desserts only reception.
I read about a chefy type person who had a cheesecake, LITERALLY, instead of a wedding cake they had a big pile of whole cheese wheels, smaller ones, stacked on top of larger ones.

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