Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 6: Yummy, Yummy

Day 6: Write about your favourite restaurant/foods or favourite recipe.

I think my #1 favorite food is this old family recipe called Kudovals and Glaze (that's how we pronounce it...I just looked up the German word for dumpling and its Knödel, which is probably what its really called, but it probably just got its name changed from generation to generation). It is German, and the recipe has never been written down, but is apprenticed to the ladies in the family. (My turn to learn is coming soon!!) It is basically a very creamy potato soup with dumplings and mom adds sausage....oh man. So good.  

On other notes, my two bridal showers on Saturday went fantastically! I was SO blessed. We received so many things we needed--dishes, utensils, cookie sheets, baking dishes, hangers, hamper, laundry baskets, recipes, griddle, a George Foreman Grill (Peter wanted this badly haha), handmade quilted placemats, dish towels, bath towels, and so much more... including the crockpot that I really really wanted!! (As one of the girls at my shower said--you know you're growing up when you get excited about getting a crockpot!) Thank you to everyone who came out and blessed me! I love you all so much!

Next on the wedding planning/to-do list: Get the thank you cards out (as soon as they come in the mail), plan the reception, especially food-wise, plan out the photo taking, gather photos for a slideshow, get ribbion and start assembling the favors (as soon as the silk daisies come). Exciting!

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Uyen said...

I love dumplings and your's sounds really good. Next time you have to take pictures so I can drool...LOL!

Glad your shower went well. Sounds like it was a boat load of fun!

UKZoe said...

That sounds yummy!

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