Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 17: What Irks Me

Day 17: What are your pet peeves?

Two come immediately to mind--when people are hard to get a hold of, and when people aren't honest.

Unfortunately, I'm somewhat guilty of the first one...especially since about mid-April. I think with school ending and then my whole life changing and work increasing and the wedding fast approaching, I just stopped being as good at answering calls and texts.

As to honesty, it is one of my Core Values, and very important to me--I cannot stand dishonesty. I've written about what I think of honesty here, actually.

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate the comments and followings--they really encourage me! Thanks!

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Chelle said...

I agree!

Glad my writing reminds me of someone whom you enjoy being around! LOL! :)

hip chick said...

I just leave a message and then let it go. I guess that doesn't bother me that much. And, dishonesty is more than a pet peeve to me. If you are not going to be honest than I really don't want to be around you. What is the point of talking to you if I can't believe what you are saying.

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