Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 13: Perfect Age

Day 13: What do you think is the ideal age to be?

(I'm a bit behind on posting for these questions, but if you watch out today I'll get caught up on everything! Thanks for your patience, Theme-A-Day readers!)

Seeing as I've only lived 20 years, I'm not sure yet--the majority of my life is before me! But this prompt makes me think of something two of my grandmothers have said: they feel like once they hit a certain age, they always felt that age but their body just kept aging. My Nana says that age was 16; internally she still feels like a 16 year old, even though her body continues to age. For my Great-Grandma the age was in the early 20s, if I remember correctly for both of them. 

I'm wondering if that is an indicator of their perfect ages? The age where they felt like they became adults, perhaps? Or maybe it is the age that they had something life-changing happen and they feel like they stayed in that place? Maybe thats when life started to go super fast for them--that transition year from childhood, when a week feels like a year, to adulthood, when the opposite often feels true?

For me, I keep thinking I'm 19, even though I'm nearly half-way towards being 21! Maybe that means 19, the year I got engaged, is my "ideal age"?

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1 comment:

Chelle said...

Great response! My grandmother used to say her body wasn't paying attention and kept getting older even though she felt young. The joys of someone who laughed daily.

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