Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 12: If I Could Have A Take 2

Day 12: What I would change about my life if I could (my biggest regret)?

To be honest, I don't have one big, overpowering regret that haunts me. I don't even have too many little things that I wish I had done differently. 

I think if I were to change anything about my life, it would be to think things through a little more before I speak and to show more kindness. I have been working on these areas in my life and I think the rewards will be great. 

As I write this (one of those train-of-thought posts) the other thing I would change is prioritizing God more consistently. I wish I could say that every single day I get up, read the Bible, pray and journal before I do anything. I do pray every day, and I do read parts of scripture nearly every day, but the actual act of setting aside designated time for Christ does not happen with 100% consistency, and that I do regret.

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1 comment:

JanMary said...

Consistent time in prayer and bible study is something I need to prioritize. Thanks for sharing.

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