Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 11: Home, Sweet Home

Day 11: Write about where you live and include photos.

I live in a medium sized town called Portage in Michigan that connects to a slightly larger city called Kalamazoo. 

According to wikipedia, "Portage is known for its extensive network of historical parks and trails used for cycling, walking, canoeing, and other recreational activities. Since the creation of the Portage Bikeway system in 1989, the trails have expanded to over 50 miles (80 km), over five times as long as the city’s expressways." Portage has had national recognition for its bike friendliness--"With nearly 60 miles of bikeways and trails, it should come as no surprise that Portage has been designated as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. The city is one of only 16 communities nationwide that has received this designation for 2010, said Bill Deming, Portage parks director" ( That's one of our small claims to fame!

The climate in Portage gets a heavy dose of all four seasons. We get multiple feet of snow spread out over the winter months (November to early March), beautiful 60 degree weather in spring (march to April/May), 70-90 degree summers from May/June to August, and cool 50 degree Falls from September to November. 

We live in a little neighborhood nestled a few miles from the main shopping streets in Portage. Here is me in front of our house:

That's a little taste of where I come from!

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JanMary said...

Thanks for sharing - I have learned lots from your blog post!

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