Friday, May 28, 2010

New Layout!

As you may have noticed, I've changed my blog layout! I think it is still in the fun vein (colored daises) that my last layout was in, but it is so much more clean and classy feeling.

And really, isn't this a beautiful picture?

What do you think?

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Day 17: What Irks Me

Day 17: What are your pet peeves?

Two come immediately to mind--when people are hard to get a hold of, and when people aren't honest.

Unfortunately, I'm somewhat guilty of the first one...especially since about mid-April. I think with school ending and then my whole life changing and work increasing and the wedding fast approaching, I just stopped being as good at answering calls and texts.

As to honesty, it is one of my Core Values, and very important to me--I cannot stand dishonesty. I've written about what I think of honesty here, actually.

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate the comments and followings--they really encourage me! Thanks!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Taking Care Of Business, Remember 5/27/01

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have successfully gotten things done this week! 
  • The food is nearly figured out--after talking with caterers and such, Gordon Food Service is saving the day and shall be selling us food at the lovely price of about $2.11 per guest! Fabulous. 
  • The Tuxedos have been reserved, and our men need to go get fitted asap. 
  • The decorations for the ceremony are going to begin to be assembled tomorrow. 
  • I have about half of the Thank You notes from the last two showers written. 
  • Peter is working on getting lights for the decorations.
  • We are making a plan for tackling flowers.

And as of yesterday, it is one month till the wedding!

I wanted to take a moment and highlight today--May 27th. Nine years ago today, I met Peter Webb. He was 10, and I was 11, and we were at church. It was after the service and us kids were waiting for our parents to pick us up from Children's ministry. While we waited they had games set up, and I was kicking butt in Connect Four. Peter played me, and I beat him, then I had to go. I don't really remember it well, but Peter does, and he says at that moment he fell head over heels for me. <3 

And now, in just 30 days, I will marry this marvelous man who has pursued me for nine years. <3

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Day 16: Bad, Tori

Day 16: What is my worst habit?

I guess the biggest thing is I habitually worry and fear. My first response to situations is rarely peace, trust or joy--but worry and fear. I feel like I'm just in the "acknowledging stage" of changing this, and still learning where the root of this is. I'm also really bad at being consistenly organized and not getting distracted. (I suppose these are more faults than habits...but I think it still answers the question!)

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Day 15: Before I Kick that Pail...

Day 15: What is your bucket list top 5?

To be honest, I don't really know what my top 5 are, so I'm going to list 5 things that are important that I want to do:

1. Lead someone to Christ.
2. Get married to the love of my life, Peter Webb.
3. Travel to more than 2 other countries with Peter.
4. Use a calendar successfully for more than a month or two. (AKA feel & be organized)
5. Be excellent at blogging and marketing my blog. (And that it would be evident because of followers and commenters =) )

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 14: My Blog Spot

Day 14: Take a picture of where you blog at!

Because I have a laptop, I blog just about anywhere! But usually this is where I blog from--comfy on my bed!
(Sorry for the low quality--cell phone picture due to lending my camera out!)

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 12: If I Could Have A Take 2

Day 12: What I would change about my life if I could (my biggest regret)?

To be honest, I don't have one big, overpowering regret that haunts me. I don't even have too many little things that I wish I had done differently. 

I think if I were to change anything about my life, it would be to think things through a little more before I speak and to show more kindness. I have been working on these areas in my life and I think the rewards will be great. 

As I write this (one of those train-of-thought posts) the other thing I would change is prioritizing God more consistently. I wish I could say that every single day I get up, read the Bible, pray and journal before I do anything. I do pray every day, and I do read parts of scripture nearly every day, but the actual act of setting aside designated time for Christ does not happen with 100% consistency, and that I do regret.

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Day 11: Home, Sweet Home

Day 11: Write about where you live and include photos.

I live in a medium sized town called Portage in Michigan that connects to a slightly larger city called Kalamazoo. 

According to wikipedia, "Portage is known for its extensive network of historical parks and trails used for cycling, walking, canoeing, and other recreational activities. Since the creation of the Portage Bikeway system in 1989, the trails have expanded to over 50 miles (80 km), over five times as long as the city’s expressways." Portage has had national recognition for its bike friendliness--"With nearly 60 miles of bikeways and trails, it should come as no surprise that Portage has been designated as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists. The city is one of only 16 communities nationwide that has received this designation for 2010, said Bill Deming, Portage parks director" ( That's one of our small claims to fame!

The climate in Portage gets a heavy dose of all four seasons. We get multiple feet of snow spread out over the winter months (November to early March), beautiful 60 degree weather in spring (march to April/May), 70-90 degree summers from May/June to August, and cool 50 degree Falls from September to November. 

We live in a little neighborhood nestled a few miles from the main shopping streets in Portage. Here is me in front of our house:

That's a little taste of where I come from!

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Day 10: Phobias

Day 10: What are you afraid of?

Wow, what a question. I've been learning lately that I have a lot of fear in my life.  I didn't realize how much of my reactions are rooted in fear and Peter has been calling me out on it lately. Next time you react negatively to something, I challenge you to ask yourself "why?" and really think about it--you might be surprised that it comes not from a truly sensible reason but actually an irrational, fearful reason.  As a follower of Christ, I am not supposed to live based on fear, but based on the love of Christ.  I've learned that there is a big difference between a healthy respect of something (a hot stove for example) and an unhealthy fear of something (walking out in the dark to put something in the mailbox in our safe neighborhood). 

I guess my biggest fear is the unknown or dishonesty. I am afraid that the people I talk with will leave something out that is important, or that I will miss out on the truth. This belief means that I don't really think people have goodwill towards me (as Emerson Eggerichs emphasizes that most people do in Love And Respect).  The Battlefield of the Mind has also been helping me realize unneeded fears that cause me to worry and have too much stress and when I finally finish it I hope I will be better equipped to biblically reclaim my thoughts and not live in fear.

Alright, on to day 11!

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Day 13: Perfect Age

Day 13: What do you think is the ideal age to be?

(I'm a bit behind on posting for these questions, but if you watch out today I'll get caught up on everything! Thanks for your patience, Theme-A-Day readers!)

Seeing as I've only lived 20 years, I'm not sure yet--the majority of my life is before me! But this prompt makes me think of something two of my grandmothers have said: they feel like once they hit a certain age, they always felt that age but their body just kept aging. My Nana says that age was 16; internally she still feels like a 16 year old, even though her body continues to age. For my Great-Grandma the age was in the early 20s, if I remember correctly for both of them. 

I'm wondering if that is an indicator of their perfect ages? The age where they felt like they became adults, perhaps? Or maybe it is the age that they had something life-changing happen and they feel like they stayed in that place? Maybe thats when life started to go super fast for them--that transition year from childhood, when a week feels like a year, to adulthood, when the opposite often feels true?

For me, I keep thinking I'm 19, even though I'm nearly half-way towards being 21! Maybe that means 19, the year I got engaged, is my "ideal age"?

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Day 9: Wedding Dream Day

Day 9: Show me your wedding photos and tell me about your day/ if your not married tell me what your dream wedding would be like!

How sad that I got too busy at the time of this post!! My dream wedding is going to happen on June 26th, 2010! I've found that picking just a few things I really want to happen a certain way, and then being really flexible and willing to compromise on everything else has been a good plan. My three important non-negotiable things are my dress, having as many of my friends as possible there, and of course, the man I'm marrying! I can't describe my dress because my fiance reads my blog and it's going to be a surprise for him. As to the guests--lets just say if every single person came (which I already know many can't...) we'd have 637 people there. 

Yes, I did say 637. 

But as of right now, 168 have RSVPed, and I'm expecting about 200-350 to attend. Peter and I both love people and can't wait to party with everyone! The number attending means we could not afford a dinner reception, so we are going to do desserts. I can't wait!

On to write blog #10--lets see if I can get caught up today!

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My apologies

My apologies to all following me for the Theme-A-Day Journal! I will try to get caught up today. This past week has been jammed packed with preparation for the wedding and Peter's WorshipArts night and I just had to prioritize "real life" over blogging. Thank you for your patience!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 8: Lovey Dovey Talk

Day 8: What does romance mean to me?

To me, romance is the relationship I have with my love, Peter.  It is all the tender moments we share--the whispers, looks, smiles, and conversations that are rich with the love we share for each other.

It is learning how to love each other better. For example, we've taken the time to read (oh so many) books about how to understand each other and treat each other better. The ideas in Love & Respect and especially I Promise You (or His Needs, Her Needs but I haven't read that one yet) have been fantastic and I think any one in a serious relationship should read them, even if they aren't engaged or married.

It is all the little things we do for each other. We write each other notes, give each other backrubs, assist each other with projects, get gifts (like cookies for him or books for me!) for each other, and so much more.

We dream together, and we listen to each other. We talk about what we want to do in life, where God is taking us, and all the adventures we have together.

We comfort each other. Lately its been him comforting me more than the other way around, but our relationship is a safe place and God definitely uses each of us to bless the other with comfort.

Romance is all these things and so much more to me. Romance is my relationship with Peter.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 7: Le Sens

Day 7: Write about what each of your senses are sensing right now: taste, feel, what you can see, hear and smell.

See: My computer, and my mostly clean room! (Yay! My room has been a disaster for the months during school...good grades require sacrifices, you know.) The book Peter got me for our one year anniversary of engagement yesterday: 
Taste: I just woke up. So, I've got that not so great morning taste in my mouth.

Feel: My warm quilt my Nana made me, and the cool air on my arms. The smooth keys of my keyboard, and the pages of my notebook resting against my elbow.

Hear: I hear my little brothers (ages 8 and 10) going between laughing and talking about their schoolwork in the other room. (My family homeschools, so I get to see them often!)

Smell: I smell my room. I've been cleaning, so there is a trace of dust combined with the smell of linens and hints of my perfumes. A comforting, familiar smell. =)

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I can write a nice post about the significance of yesterday and Peter and I's engagement...but I'm quite busy so we will see what happens! Have a beautiful day!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 6: Yummy, Yummy

Day 6: Write about your favourite restaurant/foods or favourite recipe.

I think my #1 favorite food is this old family recipe called Kudovals and Glaze (that's how we pronounce it...I just looked up the German word for dumpling and its Knödel, which is probably what its really called, but it probably just got its name changed from generation to generation). It is German, and the recipe has never been written down, but is apprenticed to the ladies in the family. (My turn to learn is coming soon!!) It is basically a very creamy potato soup with dumplings and mom adds sausage....oh man. So good.  

On other notes, my two bridal showers on Saturday went fantastically! I was SO blessed. We received so many things we needed--dishes, utensils, cookie sheets, baking dishes, hangers, hamper, laundry baskets, recipes, griddle, a George Foreman Grill (Peter wanted this badly haha), handmade quilted placemats, dish towels, bath towels, and so much more... including the crockpot that I really really wanted!! (As one of the girls at my shower said--you know you're growing up when you get excited about getting a crockpot!) Thank you to everyone who came out and blessed me! I love you all so much!

Next on the wedding planning/to-do list: Get the thank you cards out (as soon as they come in the mail), plan the reception, especially food-wise, plan out the photo taking, gather photos for a slideshow, get ribbion and start assembling the favors (as soon as the silk daisies come). Exciting!

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 5: Music Picks

Day 5: Write a list of 10 song you think your readers should listen to.

Believe it or not, this is super hard for me--and not for the normal reason of too many to pick. I actually don't listen to much music! However, I do have some favorites that I'll share with no particular order. =) (They link to youtube videos of each song =))

1. Call Me Out - By Gungor.  This is one of my favorite songs right now! It always makes me want to dance. (especially at about 0:08--that little repeating thing on the piano? love it.) I love this band!

2. Dental Care - By Owl City. I like Owl City a lot--his music tends to brighten my day, its just upbeat and cheerful. I had trouble picking one song because I like them all about the same, but this one always makes me laugh for some reason. =)

3. Please Be My Strength - By Gungor. I love the heart of this song. I've been in that place before and this is just a heart crying out for God.

4. Alone - by Sanctus Real. I haven't listened to this is ages, but this was one of my favorite songs about 3 or 4 years ago...I just love love songs. Adorable! <3

5. Must Have Done Something Right - By Relient K. I know...itcliché...but I love this song, and it is how I feel about my man! <3 (Sorry the quality of the recording isn't fabulous.)

6. The Show - by Sanctus Real. This song is powerful to me--when I really think about the power of God's presence--this song just gives me the chills.

7. The Stand - by Hillsong. This is one of my favorite worship songs! It was hard to find a recording of it I liked--I love singing it at church with my brothers and sisters in Christ!

8. Comptine D'un Autre Été, L'après-Midi - By Yann Tiersan. I actually listen to a lot of classical music, because I like the calmness. This is one of my favorite pieces.

9. Keep Breathing - By Ingrid Michaelson. I really love the musical quality in this song. And what's cool is I discovered this song (and artist!) through another blogging friend, Brittany at Far More Than Rubies! Thanks for putting it on your blog, Brittany. =)

10. So Amazing - By Topic Of The Day. The lyrics of their songs are awesome! Unfortunately they don't have Love Poured Out recorded yet but that is fantastic. Who are they? The lead singer is my fiancé, Peter! And the rest of the band are my future brothers-in-law--Clay and Luke. Pretty awesome!

That took a LONG time. Hope you enjoy! <3 The showers were lovely yesterday--we got so many good things that we need and I'm so excited about it! We filled up the back of Peter's van with all the gifts! The best part was seeing all the people I love come around me and shower me in blessings. I am honored to be a part of so many awesome communities. <3

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 4: Fave Vacay

Day 4: "Write about your favourite holiday/vacation and include photos if you wish."

I think my favorite vacation was in Feb. 2008, when my family and my best friend since 4th grade went to Florida and Walt Disney World. My family = hardcore Disney fans, and Lindsay (best friend) had never been there--it was SO great to visit old faves with a new person to show them to! So awesome. We all had a blast! Then the days on the beach in Sarasota...soakin' the sun...mmm, so good!  One of the highlights was the last day, when Emily (best sister ever), Lindsay and I all woke up ultra early because we wanted to run down to the beach and find sand dollars. Unfortunately, even though we searched for sand dollars were to be found. But God blessed us with something so much cooler--we saw live, wild dolphins, just yards away from the shore!! So amazing!

Check for day 4!

Today I am going to two (out of three) bridal showers! The first is for family, mainly the Webb clan, and it's a brunch. I'm quite excited about it! The second is in the evening, and will be all of my lovely HPA (Homeschool Performing Arts) friends! I love them all so much and it's going to be a blast to celebrate with them!

Hope your Saturday is lovely!!

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