Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Summary

Sorry for the lack of updates, friends! It looks like it is yet another summary of my life post before you...

The semester is going into full-time end mode, with papers and final projects due galore.  It is beyond exciting that this is my last semester before graduation! Getting an associates is plenty enough for me right now, thats for sure!

Wedding plans are also moving rapidly along. Invitations have been designed, shower dates set, and a whole lot of loose ends are being tied up...and discovered! It is crazy, but it is lovely at the same time. Peter and I keep getting along better and better and that has been so much fun and such a blessing!

I've been trying like a mad women to squeeze in as many things involving other people as I can--be it multiple meetings with Peter, dinner with friends, or coffee dates with my girls. Unfortunately homework is causing much postponing, but I'm still managing to see Peter often and one or two other sets of friends a week. Not as much as I would like (I love too many people! ;-)) but at least much better than during past semesters!

I've been so busy I've barely had time to do much of the contemplating that normally spurs my more theological, retrospective, or "deeper" posts, but if the wedding doesn't take over my life entirely maybe more of those will appear after May 3rd, the last day of classes.

Unfortunately my procrastination hasn't helped matters. I did not by any means get homework done by reasonable goals these past two weeks and even had to skip a class today to finish a take home test for another class--a frustrating first for me. However, my goal is to get much more homework done this weekend, so hopefully next week will be much smoother and less stressful!

I have been in the word due to the Daily Audio Bible podcast (I have a post in my head I want to write about that soon!) but actually setting down and reading, praying, and journaling has been difficult lately. I guess I'm in a hopefully short season of prayer and bible reading (er, listening) while driving... but maybe if my high plans of productivity this weekend succeed I can get more time with Jesus in again regularly! He is first on my schedule, but that terrible invention called a snooze button keeps robbing Him of his deserved time... I hate admitting these things, but I am trying to be more transparent with my weaknesses lately, and I figure this is as good a place as any to let others know my trouble spots! 

Thank you for reading! Your comments and remarks on facebook and in person about this blog are what keep me doing what I love--writing!

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