Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Just saying "old" makes me feel old."

Conversation with my little brother:

Lewis: "I'm so old!"

Me: "Why do you say that?"

Lewis: "Just saying "old" makes me feel old."

Me: "Oh yeah?"

Lewis: "Yeah. I'm 8 years old! I can do so much now. (As he gets himself a glass of milk.) When I was little, I used to go watch the garbage truck come every time. But now I just keep doing my thing."

I don't know exactly why, but this conversation we had a moment ago really stuck out to me. Maybe it's that I was just thinking that about myself and how I'm about to be married in 2 months. Perspective is such a wild thing. Looking back on your life, be it the problems you used to think so important and that seem so trivial now, or the big events (like a garbage truck) that don't matter any more, things change when your perspective changes. 

It makes me think about two things--

What am I worrying about now that won't matter?

And then this idea follows close behind:

What should I take delight in now, that will soon be gone, and that I'm not noticing at the moment?

Amazing what a few words from an 8-year-old can inspire.

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Mrs. Lukie said...

What a wonderfully thought provoking post, Tori! I love how God uses all people, big & small, to send us a much needed message :)

Anne said...

There is so much in life that we fret about that really doesn't matter. I've been telling Mike lately that sometimes "I just need to go to bed" because when I wake up, everything is put into better perspective... and when my perspective is better, I don't miss the really important stuff.

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