Tuesday, March 16, 2010

6:40 AM to 12:18 PM

Do people like to read posts about what happens in the day of the writer? It seems that I read a lot of blogs like that and I enjoy it, so I guess I'll share what happened with me to you today. Besides, I think I'll appreciate looking back at a day in my life at college sometime down the road.

After a late night of studying until 12:40ish, I woke up at about 6:45 to study some more.

(Procrastination at it's finest, I will admit. However, it wasn't like I was wasting other time, I just filled it with family, trips, friends, and work, not homework.) Tried to squeeze in a little more sleep at 8:30 and slightly panicked when I realized I didn't start getting ready until 9 and class starts at 9:30. Grabbed my trusty Bolthouse and headed out the door at 9:17 and made it to class about 9:35. Not too bad--thanks to God's favor that keeps finding me a parking spot when I don't deserve it. 

First class of the day: Electronic Communication & Document Management. Wow--let me just say I was expecting a bit more when I signed up for this class. Turns out it's about how to use web browsers and the internet so far. Thankfully most of that is intuitive for me, I have learned a little about internet history, and she lets us take the assessments open book so I get to learn it all in class once lecture ends. I'll be honest, sometimes the lectures feel long and uncessisary, but hey, I'm sure it helps some people in the class.

Next up: study for take home test for my  Web Page Coding class. Took about an hour and a half, but it was on Moodle so I got my grade right away-- 90%, and it was open book, so that says something about the difficulty level. It's like learning a new language that you can't speak, only type, and that doesn't make much sense--how to talk to a computer. Interesting, but a bit stretching for me, who hasn't done much with HTML.

After taking the test I worked on making a sweet logo for Peter's program, WorshipArts. I'm really excited with how it turned out--and I did it all in picnik!! Check it out:

Mr. Fantastic Peter came out to see me and for a break drove me over to Biggby's for their birthday celebration--free tall specialty drink for everyone today!! Pretty awesome! We rocked out to Gungor in his car and had a blast. Pretty much loving the opening melody in this song. Ran into Corey and got the prices for the many Tuxes we will need in 3 months, 1 week, and 4 days from now(!!!).

Then I studied for my eBusiness class test...which I really didn't feel ready for at all. Thankfully we are allowed to bring study guides with our notes to class AND the test is a group test...but the content is sooo hard to follow! The real problem is that he basically told us he grades very subjectively and that he grades off his lectures not the textbook...which basically means I don't know how to study for it... BUT it was a group test, and I think we scrapped up enough answers...even though they acted like they didn't care at all... *sigh*

Shout out to the lovely girls who prayed for me today for that test--Emily, Caitlin, Abby, Anna, Hannah, Lindsay and Anne--thanks for being my prayer warriors who are just a text away! Love you!!

Thankfully it being a test night meant that I got out at 7:40--and it was still light out!! That is so encouraging! I got to see the dusk light and it lifted my spirits.

I spent the evening hanging out with my family--it was wonderful! Emily and I played around on the piano while Dad taught mom and the boys how to use some weights and then mom, dad, Emily and I laughed about things on Facebook and compared music tastes, which among many things lead to Emily's status sharing my music memory about "a lonely boy, in a city" (sigh) and a story about dad's friend meeting John Denver.

And now I'm writing this blog post. Overall, even though I'm exhausted, and have hours and hours of homework to do in the next few days, I am blessed and I had a good day. God is good through all circumstances and writing this out really helped me focus on the good instead of the monotonous.

What do you think? Would you read a post similar to this about me again or would that get boring after a while?

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blondevue... said...

Yeah, forsure I'd read a post like this again. I like when other people write about their days. Its fun to see what life is like in another part of the country.
You made me thankful that college is over too:)
And I learned something about you too, you're one of those girls that when put in a group study/test in school that actually puts effort into it! YES! :D That says alot. There aren't many people that do that, so its cool!
I stop by your site from time to time, glad life is good.
~The other Tori :)

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