Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To Do List

To Do (somewhat in order):

• Study tonight for Econ. Test Tomorrow
• Spend time with Jesus every morning
• Eat right
• Continue to be faithful with taking care of my hair right (even though it takes a lot of time)
• Get a lot done at work tomorrow
• Try to leave a bit early to study more
• Take that test (nervous)
• Workout
• Hopefully have enough energy at this point to get some homework done in advance so this weekend is less stressful
• Try to clean my room this weekend?
• Plan hang out with Caitlin
• Plan hang out with Lindsay
• Spend time with Peter
• Try to work on getting a game plan for the wedding gift registries
• Possibly register gifts Friday morning
• Meet for a prayer meeting Friday morning
• Fix buttons on coat
• Cancel netflix because I don't have time for it...
• Get extra bulbs for car
• Clean car...someday...
• Check upcoming movies on IMDB
• Figure out which Superbowl party to go to
• Finish Homework due monday: Unit D for Bus 219, Lab in CIS 170, Take home test in CIS 170, Read next section for CIS 170, Study about 200 pages for test in eBusiness Mon night
• Update blog
• Plan more blog updates
• Continue to keep eyes open for good twitter updates
• Try packing more lunches and dinners to save money


• Breathe.

(yes that all really was just going through my head in the last few minutes)

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