Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whats Happening

Today I had tea with Jesus
Missed Breakfast
Left late but God gave me grace
With an amazing parking spot
Sat through three classes
Totaling six hours of the day
Worked out with a great friend
Did two hours of homework
Tweeted a lot
Read a dear friend's blog who's YWAMin' it up
Thought about my bridesmaids often
Prayed for many people in my life
Got cold toes from un-waterproofed shoes
Dreamed about being a wife
Wanted to go to ChocolaTea
Thought about my first Mac product
That is en route to my house
Texted my Love and my Nigel
Loved the sunshine

And so many more little things...

Life is good.


Anne said...

God is SO good! It's lovely to take time during the day to remember His hand that guides us all along the way...

Vic said...

What a beautiful post! I miss reading your blog... Keep up your faith and God time.

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