Friday, January 22, 2010

Trust and People Around You--Another's Perspective

I was sitting here debating between trying to write another post and tackling the many other items on my 2Do list when I decided to read Joy Eggerichs' latest post.

Wow. That was definitely a God timing thing; I'm convinced. It totally related to thoughts I have been having in the past few days (not to mention minutes before I wrote this), and just encouraged me to stick with my friends harder, hold fast to community, and to continue in my aim to be similar to how she describes her mom. 


 Read it. 

Here, nice and easy:

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Linna said...

wow nige, thanks! Twas wonderful timing on that post..I've been thinking about closing back up into my own little shell lately. I needed that lil reminder. I love you!

Joy said...

Thank you so much for re-posting my post. We should come up with a creative name for that...(-:

I also shared your post with my mother who was very honored that you would want to be like her. I can't think of a better woman we should all try to be like...she is truly rare.

Happy Monday.

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