Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for stretching me and growing me. Thank you for being by my side through perpetual days of ironing out ideas I don't really want to tackle right now.

Please give me Your wisdom to stand firm in what I believe. Please give me  the courage to tell people how I feel about things. But let every word I say be coated in Your compassion.

Sometimes I wish I understood people around me like You do. I want to be a help and a support. You are teaching me that sometimes that means I need to start keeping my mouth shut...and in others, I need to start speaking up.

Part of me wants to ask you for a break. A time of rest that is just simple and happy and isn't constantly growing. Some time to bask in the sun. But yet I know I need the strength you are preparing me for. Time to grow another root or two and to thicken my branches, so when the storms come I won't fall...yet I long to slow down just a little....

Yet I know you will bring increase in so many areas of my life if I just keep following you. You are running fast. But you never get out of sight. So I will keep running!

Thank you.

I love you, Father.

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Cwithe said...

:) sweet.

loads of luv,

Peter said...

You're so responsible! That's why I love you.

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