Monday, January 25, 2010


A dear friend told me that they love how much I think over the things that they say. They appreciate that I think something over for even days at a time and come up with an answer or add more to the topic. It struck me more than I think they realized.

Usually I see my "over-thinking" as a negative thing. I have to be careful to not let these overwhelming thoughts spiral in my mind, or to let them weigh me down. Sometimes I think things out too much and worry about 50 different outcomes that truly won't happen. The last few days have been especially weighty; I'm not even sure why. (Maybe it's the late nights?)

I prefer to have a resolute solution before I decide what I believe or what I'm going to do. I want to know EVERYTHING possible before I make a decision...I want to think through every possible solution.

Frankly, thats a waste of my time and it leads to a lot of stress in my life. God has been working on me in this area and things will get better.

But I thought this was interesting--something that I've thought of as a weakness, as something that I percieve as not reaping as many benefits as it does difficulty, was something that blesses people around me. It gave me a different perspective.

I encourage you to think about this:  Maybe that trait that you don't like about yourself blesses someone else. Maybe that trial that you are going through in your life will help you bless someone someday.

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