Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Layout?

What do you think, friends--is it time for me to get a new layout for my blog? (For those of you reading from facebook, check it out here:

I like this one a lot, but I've had it a while. Whats the consensus? Time for change, or leave it alone?



i think that's really up to you as the blog owner. i change my blog background as often as i tire of one, or if i feel like the background i currently have no longer fits what i feel my blog is about.

if you are feeling like YOU want a change, then make one. if you are feeling content, keep it.

i know that's not much help in deciding one way or the other, but it's really all i've got. :)

Mary said...

I change a lot too. If you need any help my services are FREE to you! :) hehe

Davis Brown said...

i personally think you should go for a darker color. maybe a winter theme. idk. its up to you

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