Friday, January 8, 2010


I periodically read posts from Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages. I just read this today and thought I'd share it, because it seems true to me:

"Romantic love doesn't last forever - but it does get better!
Romantic love actually has two phases.  We hear a lot about the first phase - that incredible "falling in love" stage.  It's exciting.  Life has never been better.  But, what we often fail to realize is that the average "life-span" of that kind of euphoric love is about two years.

The kind of love that'll make your marriage last is what I call "covenant" love.  It's a love based on the commitment you made to each other at the marriage altar.  It's not just overpowering passion or emotion. It's a choice you make every day to do something to enrich the life of your spouse.  And as you do, your spouse will experience your love and typically reciprocate.  It is the small acts of love that keeps romance in the marriage. "

I agree; lasting love is a choice--a choice I love to make!

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Anne said...

That's because true love is an action not a feeling. Love IS patient, Love IS kind... it doesn't always feel like being patient and kind.

Thanks for posting!

Love ya!

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