Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I'm dreadfully busy, yet I feel like a bad owner for not posting for a week after taking such good care of you during November! I can't wait to use you to communicate some of the adventures from Japan, but my HW list is so long right now and my sunday-wednesday so packed that I probably will have to let you continue to fend for yourself this week.

Don't feel too bad though--I entirely intend to take better care of you...soon. I really felt proud of the first half of November especially, because I had this desire to write more since the semester started and I had finally gotten around to it!

So, take it easy and consider yourself on a little holiday while I'm working my tail off in this snowy land. If you get bored, go listen to Bethel Church's free sermons. They are tackling my opinion and bringing me closer to God! (

With love,

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