Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Plan

My original plan was to write a short little post about what we plan on doing each day in Japan, but because I already posted the itinerary and because plans are pretty flexible, I had another idea for the posts you will get while I'm overseas. (FYI, as of this post's time, I will be in Minneapolis, MN on a layover before our flight leaves for Japan at 1pm MN time. [Shout out to Peter's NCU friends!])

Lately I've been writing about getting into God's word. The Bible has really been influencing me and bringing me further in my relationship with God. (Shocker huh? Not like it was designed to work like that or something!) So what I have done is this: I have nine verses I am reading every day, that I have posted on my wall and carry around with me. Soon I'm going to put them in my car and on my textbooks too. However, I had this great idea--9 verses, and 9 days after this post that I'll be gone. Brilliant! I'm going to be sharing with you all a verse a day! Hopefully I'll have a little bit of my thoughts and reflections as well, but if not, I encourage you to comment on your thoughts relating to the verse!

Also, please be praying for our team in Japan! (Safety, unity, our eyes open to opportunity to bless people and share Jesus, quick recovery from jetlag, HEALTH, etc.)

Hope you have a fabulous day!

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