Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Top Stops

I spend a lot of time online, so I just decided to share with you my top 5 visited websites:

        This is the site I have open the most. I always have at least two tabs open on my browser, and this one the first one. Being connected to my email is superduper important. Plus I think its a habit formed during my excessive gmail chat days (which ended due to a combination of many people staying on AIM and not moving to google, and also when I realized about 75% of the drama in my life was from late night chats. People are much more sane online in the day time, and late night talks are better in person, IMHO.)

       Need I explain? This window I tend to have open constantly too. I've always loved known what is going on, and this is basically THE way to be a stalker do it without bugging people. I did try farmville and resturantcity, but they take too much time and don't really connect you with people...if I play games its more arcade style, like bejeweled blitz (but thats just for the competition factor, really). Facebook is my way to stay connected with WAY more people than I could otherwise.

       I follow a few blogs that I actually read consistently, and many I read sporadically, and I'm writing a post every day (plus I keep hoping I get comments...) so, needless to say, this is often open on my browser, too.

      The answer to everything. (Well, that and the number 42.) I'll admit, sometimes I get annoyed when people ask questions if a laptop is handy--"Just google it!" I think. Okay, I'm not that harsh, but I do it multiple times every day. I love google.

     Also my fave. I love the compare verses feature--I can see one verse in a bunch of translations right next to each other. Very very cool. This is my source for finding all things Bible verse related. Love. It.

What are yours?


UrbanInland said...

i definitely join you in the Facebook, as it's my homepage. but otherwise, have you tried GoogleReader? It's a FANtastic way to keep all your subscriptions to blogs and stuff in order, and keeps you up to date as soon as someone posts (i.e. how i found this post so fast). Some others are mostly school related things, but also NetFlix and Hulu for all my shows, and Pandora, for me music. And, of course, YuTube, to keep me amused :)

Mary said...

Oh! I love all of these spots! :) We have kindred spirits, you and I. Have a great week.

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