Friday, November 20, 2009

Japan Itinerary

So I hope to set up a series of posts to let you know whats going on with me in Japan! Today though, as I am frantically packing and tying up last minute things with homework, I thought I would just share the overall Itinerary, just so you can see at a glance what we will be doing when!

Japan Schedule 2009

Saturday, Nov 21st
Everyone is flying from Kalamazoo. Please be at the Kalamazoo airport at the following times:
Group 1 – meet at 6am
Graham and Jill                            Herman                                          Brian & Lacey
Cameron                                     Carrie                                             William
Tori                                             Teresa                                            Heather
Emily                                           Heath

Group 2 – meet at 7am
Adam                                                        Elaine                                                 Josh
Sarah                                                        Jim & Sandy                                      Al            
Bill                                                            Chris

We will all meet in Minneapolis and fly together on the main flight to Tokyo.

FYI, the dates are in Japan time. Meaning when it says Sunday the 22, it actually means Saturday the 21st for you. Crazy eh? I'm going to the future!

Sunday Nov 22nd – Tokyo

-------------still flying-------------
Meet at ryokan (thats a hotel) in Ikebukuro

Monday Nov 23rd - Tokyo

Visit Asakusa temple
Undecided (possibly prayer walking or recoup from jetlag)
Free time/ Shibyua

Tuesday Nov 24th – Tokyo & Ohito

Visit EN churches and other ministries
Free time and travel
Travel to Ohito

Wednesday Nov 25th - Ohito

Visit HIF (our sister church) & other local churches
Nursing home possibly and prayer walking
Meeting @ HIF

Thursday Nov 26th - Ohito

Prayer walking in Ohito
Worship team practice while others prayer walk
Thanksgiving meal (Dennis hasn't had one since he moved out there, so we are going to do it right and bless them all!

Friday Nov 27th - Ohito

Fuji (Yes, the MOUNTAIN!)
Fuji (We are praying and bringing God's presence to a place where the PLACE is worshiped, not our God, if that makes sense)
Onsen possibly--a cultural experience

Saturday Nov 28th - Ohito

Shuzenji & prayer walking
Free time &/or prep time for night service
Concert @HIF

Sunday Nov 29th - Ohito

Church (& kids ministry)
BBQ ( & youth meeting???)
Free time/ VB/ Onsen???

Monday Nov 30th – Ohito & Narita
Leave for Narita
Fly to Detroit---------------------
----------just keep flying----------

 Please keep us in your prayers!


Brittney Galloway said...

I'll be praying! Have a safe trip and be a light to those people!

Mary said...

We'll be praying for you here in SC! Love ya!

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