Monday, November 23, 2009

In Japan!

The flight was long, but we arrived in Japan yesterday evening and have spent the whole day exploring Tokyo!

We prayer walked at a BuddhistTemple today, asking Jesus to come and open the eyes of the people to His Truth. Then we split up and got to explore the city ourselves. Emily, Papa and I stuck with the Sagers, the pastors family of the Chruch we will spend most of our time at. We went to a place they had never been--this huge shinto shrine! It was in the middle of the great big park--it was similar to central park in NY. They had Torii's (sp)--those big arch things you see on tv. They were MASSIVE! Pictures to come on my return. (Sorry for the bad typing, its tricky on Dad's little computer and I don't have much time.) 

We kept seeing little girls all dressed in the traditional japanese dress, and we found out that they celebrate when girls reach thea ges of...5 and 7? The idea is traditionally many children died young, so when they reached these ages it was a big celebration. They were ADORABLE. I wish we did something like that in our culture.

Then we went to this really busy street where all the young people go, and saw a handful of people dressed crazy, like you see in photos about Japan. it was SO packed.

Tonight we will be going to the heart of tokyo, where there are TV screens all over the buildings and lights and HUGE intersections, etc. I can't wait to see what my family has told me so much about!

Please pray that when we are in temple and their spiritual palces that the oppression doesn't affect me. In both temples I felt the weight spiritually, and though I want to stay aware, I noticed I was getting cranky and even dreppressed feeling. Before we came we felt like God wanted JOY to be all over this trip, so pray that we can convey and feel that instead! Thank you for your prayers, they make all the difference!

Also, I'm 14 hours ahead of most of you--the future is pretty good, guys. :)

Hope to update you all again soon!

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Brittney Galloway said...

Praying! I hope the trip is productive and fruitful!

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