Monday, November 9, 2009

Google Analytics

Ok, so some of you may think this is sorta boring, but I just found out some interesting facts about people (well, technically, computers) who have visited my blog, and I wanted to share them.

In the past month, I had 82 visits to my blog that came from 11 countries. (WHOA!)

Shout outs to Poland, Lithuania, Italy, the UK, the Philippines, New Zealand (come let me visit you...if you had only kept the LOTR sets!! Ahhh...) and Qatar (I'm sorry I didn't know you existed. Thanks for educating me!). Because you are cool countries, and computers/people from you visited my blog. Awesome.

One person who has visited my blog has dial-up Internet. I'm sorry. That really is no fun.

Only one visit to my blog has been from Safari, vs. 31 from Internet Explorer and 23 from firefox and google Chrome. Sorry Peter, Safari isn't as cool as you claim. ;-)

Hope you found that at least a little interesting :-)


mack the insomniac said...

wow cuz! haha i wish my blog had really ANY readers! let alone multiple foreign readers.

Sydney said...

I love finding random readers from random countries. Occassionally when I look at what key words lead people to my blog I'm perplexed, but it's still neat to have readers from all over.

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