Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Choices and God's Heartbeat

I have been thinking about choices and consequences lately. These thoughts may be a little scattered, but bear with me, because this is all dear to my heart.

How do we live out our lives here on earth? I know that, ultimately, when we die, we will be held accountable by this standard--Did we accept Christ as our Savior and Lord of our life? Did He lead what we did? In the day to day, we choose or loose blessings by the choices we make regarding following God and his standards. When we cross His lines, even if we were doing it with the intention that we were going after what He wanted, a blessing from Him can be lost. He is more concerned with getting us to know Him more, having relationship with us and growing our character, than making us happy.

I need to be focused on hearing God and his direction for my life. But how does that play out in everyday life?

Lets say God's will is for me to receive money for my missions trip to Japan through a fund raising dinner at my church. I am presented with a choice--do I do the prep to work toward the dinner happen, or do I say "God said its going to happen, so I'm going to wait here and let it unfold." Do I take action, or don't I? I think a lot of God's will depends on us first knowing how to hear Him accurately, and then by following through, like that example.
Then there are times when I really think God wants something to happen, I think He told me something, and so I do take action, but it doesn't work. There are so many variables that could make this happen--the most common being I either didn't hear God right or I heard Him but misunderstood what He said. Usually the more specific the thing I heard is, the greater the chance it is wrong, so I take it with a grain of salt and really compare it to scripture and other Christians in authority over me (either like a pastor or someone who I see as a more mature Christian than I). Also, I could have taken the wrong action--say I thought God said Joe was going to give me $100 for my missions trip, so I went up to him and started really encouraging him to give money, but I actually end up bugging him or weirding him out, so it doesn't happen. The wrong action can lead to a loss of blessing.

My life is trying to learn to hear God correctly, and the only way I can do that is through spending time in prayer and His word. Once, a good friend of mine, Stephanie Jones, said the Bible is God's heartbeat, and that as we learn it more and more, we learn to recognize His heartbeat (or lack thereof) in situations around us.

I want to be a woman who knows God intimately and knows His heartbeat.


Brittney Galloway said...

Knowing God's will and how we should act on it is always so confusing. Thanks for the thoughtful post this morning.

Anne Carr said...

Hang in there, my dear!
Step out in faith, but constantly ask Him to open & close the doors, making it very clear where He wants you to be. God is SO faithful to do that!

Be still, and know that I AM GOD.

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