Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gratitude Journal

I heard of this a while ago, and the idea hasn't really left my mind. Keeping a Gratitude or Praise Journal--a journal where you write down things you are thankful for, things that blessed you, prayers that were answered, etc. I have been going back and forth on if I should make this be online or in a book at home, but as I was thinking about it, thankfulness spreads joy and can be contagious, so I think I am going to do it here. I am debating about putting real people's names up here for various reasons, but if I do, its not because I want anything more from you or that I am ever coming from a manipulative standpoint, I was simply blessed by you. :) Also, if you and I did something and I don't mention it here, it certainly does not mean you didn't bless me or give me something to be thankful about! The purpose of this is to get me focusing on something I can be thankful for in small steps--this is supposed to be as far from guilt or shame as possible. I want this totally focused on the ways God has blessed me and hopefully that can encourage both of us!

Yesterday I was really blessed by Peter coming and picking me up from school, even though it was late. It was so good to see him and really gave me something to look forward to, It also made me feel so valued that even after a long day he'd literally go the extra mile(s) for me. <3

Yesterday I also ran into Corey at Valley, and we had a great talk. I was totally encouraged by how smoothly it went and how honest we were. It was simple (aka non-complicated and drama free) and blessed.

Today I met Cait for coffee and though we talked about a lot of stuff that could have been stressful, it totally wasn't. I left feeling hopeful about her future and mine and ours as friends. It really had the flavor of "God is Good" no matter what the circumstances are.

Today Lindsay and I had a great little chat on the phone and I was reminded again of how awesome she is and how much I love her. Our friendship is worth soooo much... thank you Jesus!

Just writing out how I was able to see/talk to so many of the people I love was so encouraging right now, especially when I feel somewhat overwhelmed by school and work ie life and responsibilities! Thank you God for good friends!

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karim said...

An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

Karim - Mind Power

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