Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A New Season


Oh my goodness--I am so ready to move on to sunshine, less school, and summer. 

This is going to be a new season for me beyond the meteorological changes--though I must say, those effect my mood greatly.  I am ready to spend more time at work than I was during school, ready to attack these summer classes wholeheartedly, and definitely ready to revive friendships that have been on hold during my days in the tower of school guarded by the dragon of homework.  

I'm also excited about getting to know God better this summer. In an effort to encourage study, I've bought this awesome study Bible.  It's got a lot of really interesting features, like outlines of every chapter of the Bible, cross references, concordance, greek and
 hebrew word definitions,  in-text maps and maps in the back of the Bible, annotations (basically commentary), a list of the messianic prophecies (stuff talking about Jesus coming, and where it is fulfilled), time lines...

*catches breath*

...articles, notes on Biblicial times and cultures, charts, and a bunch of sections in the back with interesting stuff like the Parables and Miracles of Jesus and a Subject Index! I'm excited!

I'm hoping this will help stregthen my foundation in God so that I can further develop what is most important--a relationship with Him. 

On other notes, my dearest Peter and I have been dating for 20 months on this past 27th! How exciting is that? <3


gina said...

Your new Bible sounds awesome! I love studying the Bible. Study helps are like frosting -on an already sweet cake - making it sweeter and even more exciting to read.

Vic said...

What a lovely bible and a way to start out the new weather. I am excited for you and I hope things are going well. I love the photographs and the latest one. Are you doing taking them?!

Jasmine said...

Lovely picture and love your logo!

Orions Mom said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :) You and your man make a cute couple

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