Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Am Blessed

I am blessed.

Even when I'm running around wondering why I'm even in the honors program, even when I'm stressed way more than I need to be, even when my room is such a mess I can't rest in it, even when my friends are far away, even when God feels distant, even when my schedule's so busy I can't breathe, I am blessed.

I am blessed with a brain that works more than decently and writing skills that have made way for me already. I am blessed with a loving family--by blood, through friendship, and my church. I am blessed with a man who loves me so much I think I'll burst thinking about it. I am blessed with the time this weekend to work on cleaning my room. I am blessed with a cell phone and the Internet that let me connect to people no matter where they are. I am blessed with a God who is not real based on my feelings but is ALWAYS at my side, even if I can't tell He is. I am blessed with the promise of rest and peace through Jesus and I am determined to take hold of both. 

God is good, I'm going to really enjoy my spring break, and hopefully not stress out about this huge project I have to do in the next extremely busy 4 weeks. 

I'm also blessed with a fantabulous date to Chicago with the hottest guy ever next wednesday. He's never really explored it and I've been a lot so we're going to have a blast. Perhaps a post about it, if you're interested?

Oh, and I'm blessed with this amazing new item, too:


skywind said...

We are all very lucky, it came to this world. Through the Internet, different country, different language, maybe life would not have to meet friends communicate with each other, and exchanged good wishes. Let us thank the Internet, like to thank those who become a reality for these scientists and technical personnel. Without them there would be no today.

Emily said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog.

Cute bag!!!!

Emma said...

Aww you certainly are blessed that bag is gorgeous!

Taryn said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog.

I hope yo enjoy you break- that is what they are for!

Anne Carr said...

Your new purse = adorable.

Chicago = awesome.
(that's where my hubby took me for New Years.)

I hope you have a blast and find lots of cool little places.

We ARE blessed beyond measure. First & foremost by having a gracious and loving Heavenly Father, who is all we truly ever need. And secondly, by having amazingly awesome men in our lives who love us to incredibly much. :) I completely understand the feeling of "busting just thinking about it!" Enjoy it, my dear. It's priceless.

Love you!

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