Monday, January 19, 2009

Time Management

It seems to be this blog has a recurring theme of time management. I am constantly looking for solutions to the time management problems and trying things and schedules and so far nothing has stuck.

But someone in my college group had a breakthrough in this last week and she prayed for me. And last saturday I prayed more than usual about learning to manage my time effectively. So, that is the goal (Again, but thats OK) this week. We're going to do well with managing my time.

Here's the plan (sorta a daily schedule? Maybe it'll work this time?) for today:

Write this blog
Eat Breakfast
Get HW together to take with me
Plow Driveway Probably
Help clean house
Do HW:
HUM 120
Search for ENG articles online (they didn't have the book in the store last week!)
Review for ACC Quiz
Work on BUS
WPE (health) labs, too?
Perhaps get Peter to dig out the mailbox?

Yeah there's more I should do... I probably won't get all that homework done, but I just wrote it all down so I can remember. Thank goodness I had today off!

Time to get crackin'!


1 comment:

American in Norway said...

I am STILL waiting for my motivation... 9 hours later...sigh..

Good luck with your list!

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