Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just My Style

I most definitely want this mug. Anyone want to buy it for me? And while your at it, check out all the other positively hilarious things at

Like this shirt which completely makes me laugh and relates to a bunch of us in the blogging community (not SITS ladies though!):

(I am also a fan of the points of view shirt! Click on any of these pictures to go to the site and check it out!)

And my favorite (next to the mug, of course):You really need to go read the description of these. It is well written and completely hilarious. Click on the picture to go to the page. I love it!

Hope I could give you a laugh!



Cameron said...

I want a cup that says "this cup is half full" or better yet, "this cup is about to overflow"

Emily said...

Those are funny! I need that cup too.

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