Sunday, October 26, 2008

Words and Paper

Yesterday I went to Barnes 'n' noble with my sister. For any of you who know me, there has always been something about bookstores and libraries that I'm drawn to. For example, one of my favorite smells is that old book smell--that aged, dusty, even musky smell. I'm too young for wine, but words people use to describe a good old wine would probably apply well to the way I feel about time-tested books.

Well, we went to BN, which doesn't have very many old books, but is definitely one of my favorite places. Seriously--that inky paper-fresh smell of new books (also tantalizing) the smell of hot Starbucks coffee (because BN wouldn't be BN without a Starbucks!), the crinkling of a never been opened book. Bliss, shortly followed by a happy sigh.

What seems to be the oddest thing about me, however is my special section that I always visit. Though I love the children classics (Honestly, most of the best books out there can be found in the children's section. Anne of Green Gables, case in point.), and the religious section is interesting too, those aren't my special favorites. Travel is marvelous and the craft books always catch my eye--but my absolute must visit is found, not tucked away in the back, but right up in the front, so obvious many miss it. I go to the blank books. Crazy, eh? I take all that time and spend all that gas (I say $2.49 a gallon today. I seriously filled up at $2.69 three days ago--yes, I am beating my self up over it.) to get to a bookstore, traditionally the place one goes to buy other people's words--and I go to the "empty" place.

But I love it. Oh, I wish I had the time to fill many books from there! I wish it was still practical to write by hand... but see, no one can easily read a pretty little teal journal tucked away in my room. And so there my delima lies--stare at these marvelous books and wish I could some how let other people read my words from them.

It's a pickle, really, being a social person. I love writing; I love crafting words. But I love hearing others' responses and taking it that much farther. I want to know what others think--that helps me think of more words to say! I want my words to bless others. Just like so many of those authors who have their published work all around that store--I want what I write to bless people, encourage them, or relate to what they feel--at the very least I wish to entertain them! So, I've chosen this means, my blog--because I'm a college kid without the time (or, honestly, focus) to write a book right now.

And so, into the BN I go, and I head over to the blank book section. After looking at the funky covered or colored papered ones with the artistic designs, and wishing I could afford them, I drifted over to probably the best find I've ever made in that section. The brand Moleskine.

Basically, it is fantastic. They are plain, thin, college ruled (I'm so picky about this.) and sturdy. They have a pocket in the back that is so useful, an interesting history, and I will have a hard time buying any other book again. On the downside--they are a bit pricey (around 15 bucks for the one I use for most of my God time/Sunday morning notes) and they aren't very colorful and expressive. But I guess I'm getting a little older--the classy, simple look seems almost friendly to me. It wants ME to be the expressive one, and as my little friend and servant it will safely protect whatever I tell it between its oilcloth covers.

Besides this, it connects two important parts of me. My creativity and my practicality. I can let my imagination flow between its pages, but then whenever I need to jot something down that I need to do, its slim design is ready to lend itself.

So what did I buy? A tiny little graph Moleskine, to help me keep track of my finances. I've set it up to write my expenses in with a few main categories: "Food," "Church," "Gas," "Savings," and "Other." This way, I don't have to freak out about not going over all my reciepts (Tedious.) and instead keep them in case I need to confirm something, and for the most part, I'll just compare my statements to the notebook. A bit old fashioned, maybe, but the most practical for the cheap college kid who doesn't have a phone (or iTouch) that is full-blown computer.

Wow, amazing how one's mind can ramble on with so little to start from. I set out to tell you about my little graphed notebook that I'm so proud of doing--taking a step toward responsibility and all that--and instead I wrote on and on about so much leading up to it, I barely managed to fit the inspiration into the post. Gotta love words!

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. -John 1:1


Peter said...

I'll admit, those books are awesome! I'm almost 1/2 done with mine!! :-D (Which is alot for one who's words on a paper are few and far between)

If I saw you with that notebook in hand, walkin' down the street, I would date you.


Anne M. said...

I love journals. I probably have at least seven or so filled with rambings and musings from my teenage years. And my husband got a journal from me as a wedding gift...but I'll have to tell you more about that some other time. Words are a quandry to me. So simple, yet they can cut a person to the core, or make them feel like they can fly. It's amazing.

Caitlin said...

You're a beautiful writer, Tori. The way you craft words is amazing. I'm smiling at our mutual interest in writing and books and the fact that the first place I go when I get into B&N is the journals section. :-)

i <3 journals!

Anyway, thanks for updating! It had been a while. :)

Love you!

Kimberley said...

Thankyou so much for your sweet sweet note on my blog :)

Oh my goodness, I completely understand the new-book smell deal, and I am such a sucker for pretty new notebooks!
You must be my book twin (except I'm the older one...) LOL

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