Thursday, October 23, 2008

And Time Keeps Passing

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Quick overview:
  • Peter came home, I had a comparatively glorious week, and now he's gone again.
  • My room is still a mess.
  • My HW keeps increasing.
  • Work continues on--even though the boss/dad/Pastor is in Japan until Monday.
  • God's real and challenging me.
  • I want to brainstorm topics for this blog.
  • I've realized I need to either cut expenses (practically impossible) or work more hours--which means I'm battling feeling stressed here, too.
  • I'm taking a week off facebook.

There's the portion on my life. What I want to do right now though is make a list of topics and see if you have any preferences on what I write about. I'm not saying I'll necessarily do what you suggest, but I'm more likely to do so if you tell me than if you don't tell me. These are numbered for ease of reference, but they aren't in any particular order otherwise.

  1. Friend profiles--whenever I go to another person's blog that I don't know, I'm curious about the people they refer to. So I was thinking it'd be fun to write about a few of my friends, probably Lindsay, Peter, and Caitlin. And maybe my amazing sister, Emily. I don't know if these would be separate blog entries or one entry or what.
  2. Facebook--why do I like it so much? Why is it "addicting" and so hard to stay away from?
  3. My revenue vs. expenses problems--analyzing if I really need to spend what I am or not, and talk about the expenses of a college kid and how annoying it is, but try to find a blessing in it, too.
  4. What God has been doing in my life. The challenges, the adventures, the hard times...
  5. My interest in buying a new study Bible--maybe some stuff on things I've found when researching study Bibles.
  6. My room's black hole syndrome, and an outline of my frustrations with keeping tidy habits.
  7. Stuff about school--maybe descriptions of my teachers? More likely a vent on the annoyances but obvious benefits of each class.
  8. Possibly some Bible study outline teaching stuff. Yes, that is vague.
Well, thats sorta where I stand. At many roads and options but feeling tied down by business so much that I end up staying where I am.

But no, seriously, God's given me hope. I'm here in this place for a reason--I just don't exactly know why yet.

Make me walk along the path of your commands, for that is where my happiness is found. -Psalm 119:35


sandi said...

Just wanted you to know I was here. I love your writing.
We understand some of your pain at this house. Bronson and Tess met two years ago in the same prep-school, fell madly in love, and Tess moved to a different school in Vermont. Bronson is in Asheville. They have seen each other almost every break and do the email thing, the phone thing, the facebook thing and both are working hard to come together in the same college. DRAMA! That is what I think! I am glad I am not 9 hours away from the man I love!

Caitlin said...

Haha friend profiles!! That would be fun....

But I'm up for anything you want to write about. As long as it's written by you, I'm interested! Haha :)

<3 ya!

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