Thursday, September 18, 2008

To Set Thy Fears At Ease

Hello, World!

I realize I have been giving a rather glum image of how I am and how things are going for me, and a few of you marvelous people have expressed some concern. So I'm going to take a short moment and address this.

I am having a hard time. But I have not lost hope! In fact there is much for me to be joyful about. Normally, in my everyday life, I am not sniffling back tears every moment (If you do hear sniffles around me, trust me, its 99% its allergies. Cuz they are rampant in my life now!), I am not depressed to the point of hurting me or others or laying in bed all day moping.

What most of you see, is my low points, because like I've mentioned before, one way I process them is through writing, and I enjoy sharing those raw moments with people with the hopes I can be an encouragement and I can also provide others the chance to encourage me or use my story to encourage others.

Okay, so where am I right now? To be honest, I am not where I want to be. And that is not easy to fix. I feel like my time is chopped up so much nothing is getting done as good as it should be. But if I take the time to get one thing done as good as it should be, than another falls past the point of being managed OK and into the point of really bad/failure. So I am stressed a lot. But most of the time I have not completely lost perspective--this is preparing me to better handle the "real" world of living on my own, and then marriage, and then my own family, etc. because of all the multi-tasking and prioritizing that I am learning (through trial and error...) now.

So what do you do? Well, you don't have to do anything, but if you can/want to, here are some things:

Please keep praying! Keep trying to get together with me even though I am so busy I will be practically impossible to meet with. To give you an idea: I work Mon, Wed, Fri, 11-4 (sometimes 5). Tue and Thurs I am at valley from 8:30 AM to 5:50 PM--and I only have a half hour lunch break and an hour and a half break, which I usually spend doing a little HW. OK so that leaves me weekends and evenings. Sunday's I have church in the morning and College and Career at night. The rest of the weekends and evenings are filled with HW and chores and recuperating and maintaining my relationship with Peter. So honestly, I'm swamped. But you are still important to me, so email me and message and pray. I don't want to isolate myself, but my former social life is too much for my current lifestyle that I have to. (And many of you know even then it was hard to meet with me!)

Prayer requests:
  • Time management skills and for me to learn to love the satisfaction of doing what I should so that I don't compare myself to others (That's in Galatians near the end I think.) Because I get so tired from everything that when I get home I crash and so the things I need to do at home aren't happening enough.
  • Peace. Strength. Joy. I need continually meet with God and so often He gets put on hold. I need His peace and like it says in a Desperation Band song, "Joy unspeakable that won't go away, Just enough strength to get through today." I need to get to that place, daily.
  • I need to not worry so much. That's pretty self-explanatory.

So this ended up being way longer than I thought. Thank you for reading/skimming this. It really helps to hear from you, so comment or message me or something if you have time, but even if you don't have time or don't have anything to say, just prayer and the fact that you read this is a blessing.

God bless you all and I pray He will continue to be your strength and provider. You mean so much to me, my friends.



Becca12212 said...

Tori dear,
it has been wonderful being able to connect with you, if even for a short time, at Valley in the past couple of weeks. i'm praying for you, my sister, and will continue to do so. i love you girl!

playnotes4him247 said...

Hey Tori!
You probably know this already but don't loose heart. Psalm 23. He is with you. He knows your heart.
And I totally understand everything that you have said! That is what I am doing right now! I feel ya!
I will definetly pray for you! And I really wish I could get together with you as well! Maybe we could go out for supper or something after Thursday classes? Just a thought. :-)
Keep the perseverence sister! God will reward you in full!

lostandcunfuzzed said...

Hey nige, I'm praying for ya, and you're gonna get another big hug this sunday!!! Surprise, i'm coming home, AGAIN! I'll see ya soon my favoritest bestest nigel ever!

~Linna <><

Peter said...

I'm glad you schedule me in!! May the peace of God reign.

14 more days! (sry for the short comment. I'm on my itouch and am getting interupted)

Love you!!!

Your guy.
Ps: I like the layout!

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