Thursday, August 21, 2008


So this is how it feels,
to be torn in two.
I took the risk,
and I'm on this journey with you.

I can't promise I'll never look back,
And right now I can't see that far ahead.
The grey is covering me,
I feel I'm in over my head.

I trust you both when you say,
a light will break through the haze.
But right now its so dim,
and I'm lost in this maze.

Emotions overtaking.
Fears sink their teeth in,
Ready to drink my life's blood.

I'm fighting the undertow,
I cannot let go.
White-knuckled, I'm yours...Yours.

This is where I am.
As real as I can be.
Weak, tired, raw;
fallen to my knees.

And this is how it is,
With you so far away.
I'm holding to the Promise,
of the next day.

You need to know
I'll never regret my choice.
I know you are a part of me,
we are meant to be.

But times do come when I lose hope.
My head spins and doubt takes control.
What feels real then isn't always Truth.
But Truth does find me out and then I know...

This isn't all, this isn't it, and I don't have to fear.
Afraid right now but not for long...

There is a light
So high.
There is a light,
growing brighter.
There is a Light,
so strong,
It will break through,
It must break through,
I trust It will.

And until then, white-knuckled, I hold on.
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