Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Day In The Life

It's hard to write to keep people informed. I've often considered writing a monthly newsletter on my life and just sending it out to all my friends because it has become so hard for me to stay connected. But then, no one I know has ever done that--probably because actually sitting down to write is so difficult, as is evident by my lack of posts here.

My days are so busy...take today for example, get up, spend some time with God, send an important email, freak out because I need to leave for work in 20 min and I haven't even eaten breakfast. Work till 5 (an hour later than I planned), with an hour in there to get my new license plate for the car God gave me (Praise Him!). Go to Lindsay's for an hour, eat Lucky Charms for dinner (woo-hoo! my fave :-D) and then back to church at 6:30 for babysitting until 9. Home at 9:30, Laundry, call Peter and then crash here at the computer.

I barely got anything done that I needed to...work, laundry, email. How and I going to handle a school load? How am I going to find time to write? How about all my friends who I feel like I'm neglecting?

Only with God's grace, I suppose...

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Caitlin said...

I can def relate girl!

Just remember that God has your life all figured out. Not a day goes by where He doesn't know EXACTLY what is going to happen, where you will go, what you will do, etc. You can draw peace from that.

And remember to ALWAYS PRAY. Prayer paves the road ahead and smooths out unnecessary bumps and jags and twists and turns.

Things will never be perfect, but with Christ, you can count on having PEACE. And HIS peace IS perfect. :-)

Love you, sis,

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